Recruit Numbers

Recruit numbers and corresponding uF usernames

When members of the unfiction boards began to talk to recruit 169 (also known as Phase 8 administrator), they assigned themselves recruit numbers to blend in with the project. The following are the known recruit numbers and corresponding names on the message boards. If you initiate contact with recruit 169, please do not reuse the following recruit numbers!

Recruit Number uF Name
7 highwind767
11 elite.fencer
13* Punchline
42 MrToasty
76 Rekidk
87 Shiningfist
142 Silverback
149 ncfriend
170 Punchline

*Obviouisly, Punchline is not dead. The number of the dead operative was given to try to extract information from R169. Punchline was instructed to contact the administrator for a new number, and was given 170.

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