Little is known about R169 at the moment. The first time we heard of him was in the source code of the main site, where the phrase

[Recruit169 has the key]

Led us to search for him. Mention of him appeared the following night, with the source changing to


We finally made contact with him after discovering the 2 letters between him/her and Dani (Who appears to be his boss or superior) about Participant 13's death.

When some of us did make contact with him, we pretended to be recruits or participants in the Project to get him to talk to us. ncfriend in particular managed to do this quite well, and managed to gain a level of clearance that nobody else could reach, managing to get some information from him (The summary of these chats can be found here)

The last contact made with R169 was after highwind767 was talking to him, and a security breach cut all contact with him apart from with ncfriend, who R169 had something for. ncfriend managed to get into contact with him before a lock-down on the project.

On Feb 16th R169 was able to be contacted again. He had been in Spain with Dani trying to sort out Participant 13's death. He later signed off to go to the theatre wth his wife.

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