Post Convergence

After the realisation that this appeal was directly related to Project Ophiuchus due to several crossovers

The updates on Locate My Friends since have been:

Unlucky for some?

Right. I’ve got some news on the USB sticks, but I think you’ve discovered something more important, so I’ll mention that first.

I have no idea who Dani is. I can ask around if you like? Likewise with Project Ophiuchus. Is this what you think Martin and Rebecca might be involved with?
I know it’s not unusual for Martin to sign non disclosures and undertake secret projects as part of his work, but apart from that, I’m not quite sure.
They certainly haven’t been acting suspiscious, perhaps a little busier than usual. Oh, and those Russian sounding names…absolutely no idea there, are you sure they’re related?

I decided today that it’d be a good idea to speak to one of Martin’s colleagues, to find out if they’ve ever seen him with a USB stick, or know why he might be missing.
I spoke to Ian, who’s worked with Martin for a few months. When he’s in Geneva, he sees him every day so he’d be the perfect person to ask about the USB stick.
Ian recalled a conversation he once had with Martin, about why he always carried a USB stick. He didn’t actually say what was on it, but commented that both himself and Rebecca both have them, and carry them anywhere.
Ian said he was a little uneasy when Ian asked to borrow it to store some LHC data on. Apparently what’s already on the stick is important and it never leaves Martin’s side.

I still think it’s odd that Martin’s gone missing in America at the same time as Rebecca in the UK.
Perhaps we should poke around more, and find out what’s going on. The USB keys might be important, maybe someone wants to find the data that’s on them?

Which made it seem as if the USB sticks the unfiction forum members asked about earlier in reference to the letter were gaining significance.

Jason received two mysterious faxes, containg images, which using various methods, were tracked to being taken in two libraries. See Faxes, Books and USB Drop Offs

Something to check out?

Okay, this just gets weirder and wierder! I’ve literally just received a fax containing this image…

The fax just said three words…. ‘Not old, Soap”. This is getting scary now. I think someone’s watching. But who, is another question.

Where do you think this picture could have been taken? I’m not sure what that thing is under the shelf, but it looks suspiscious. I’m going to have to go now. I’m trying to get more info on the USB sticks.


See [faxes, books and USB drops (page to be created)] for analysis

This was followed by:

Another fax
Ok, things are getting weirder and weirder. I received a second anonymous fax today with some more pictures and text. Here’s the pictures…

The text says:

“Around Great Britain, EAST and WEST are several bridges - the very best. Maidenhead, Saltash, Clifton too. For what you’re looking; Kingdom’s blue.”

And there’s a number…”PT2662U3B613″.

It also says “Open Me (Drink Me)”.

I really need to find out who sent these faxes. I guess that’s my task for today!

Once again, see Faxes, Books, and USB Drop Offs

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