Locate My Friends Overview

Locate My Friends (LMF) is a website apparently created by Jason Thomas


Jason is a concerned friend of two people who are missing
Rebecca McDowell and Martin McDowell.
The site charts the progress and clues turned up by Jason's investigations of the McDowell's disappearance.
This was being treated as a stand-alone ARG by various players, until the updates began to point to another running ARG by the name of Project Ophiuchus.

See below for updates that were posted on the site.

A brief history of updates recieved on the locatemyfriends.co.uk site before and during the realisation that it was connected to Project Ophiuchus [unfinished]
Pre Convergence

A record of the updates received on the locatemyfriends.co.uk site after the connection to Project Ophiuchus was made: [unfinished]
Post Convergence

After analyzing these updates the connection to an already running ARG was made on the Unfiction forums.
It is believed that the two missing people are the missing Participants referred to in several Project Ophiuchus communications.

Various crossovers that lead to the convergence of the two ARGs:

It is undecided whether it will be in the interests of Project Ophiuchus to find the missing McDowells, but it is certain that it will be central to the plot of the aformentioned.

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