Irc Help

This page is to help those who are new or somewhat familiar to IRC, set up and connect to the Project Ophiuchus chat.

There are two main ways to use IRC: Through a client program which needs to be downloaded, or via an embedded Java or CGI client.

Method 1: Embedded Java/CGI Chat

For those who wish to join the chat without actually downloading anything, then the easiest way to join is to use the Java chat on the Unfiction forum. The page can be found Here with another one Here. Make sure to give the client access by clicking "Yes" when a pop-up appears, otherwise you will need to refresh the page. Give the page a chance to load the client, and then your page should look like this


At this page the only two things that you need to change are the "Nickname" and "Channel" boxes. In the "Nickname" box put in what you want your name to be while on IRC, and in the "Channel" box put in the channel you want to join, in this case "ophiuchus" without the inverted commas. Then click on the [lower left hand button (The arrow and circle) and you'll automatically join the correct channel. From here it is just like an IM program, except on a larger scale.

Method 2: Downloaded Client

If you don't want another tab or window cluttering up your browser, then there is also the option of downloading a client. There are many popular ones out there, such as mIRC, or the Firefox addon ChatZilla. There are others out there though, and it is ultimately up to you which to choose. I will be doing this guide for mIRC as it is the one I am familiar with, but it should be similar on most clients. If someone knows how to set up another client, please feel free to add it to this page.

Setting up mIRC

After downloading and installing mIRC, the next step is to set it up properly to connect to the correct server, and the Project Ophiuchus channel. Upon starting mIRC up you will most likely come upon a small window asking you to register or wait in order to continue. After waiting long enough to allow the continue button to become active, click it, and you will be taken to the "mIRC Options" window.

Once you've got this far, you should see a screen that looks like this


Under "Full name" and "Email address" you can put whatever you want. People rarely use their real ones anyway. As for "Nickname" and "Alternative" put whatever nickname you want to use under "Nickname" and a backup for if your preferred one is already taken under "Alternative"

After this go to the "Servers" category and hit the "Add" button. Under this put the Server description as UnFiction or something you will recognise. In the "IRC Server" box put

This will allow you to connect to the correct server. When you have all this done, go back to the main "Connect" section and click the connect to server button. When you connect, type in this command to join the correct channel

/join #ophiuchus

After this you will be in the right channel for discussing the game.

Useful Commands

When using IRC, by typing certain commands into your client, you can do different things. This is a list of some commands you may find useful. Feel free to add to it if you feel I have missed any.

Command What it does
/nick nickhere This will change your nickname to the one typed in after the command
/join channelname This will allow you to join the channel of the same name you typed after the command
/list Opens a list of all channels on the server
/nickserv register password email Lets you register your nick so only you can use it on this server
/nickserv identify password Used to enter the password for your nick if you registered it using the previous command
/me action Allows you to perform actions within the chat, such as "cidhighwind767 waves to everyone"
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