Faxes, Books and USB Drop Offs

Jason has been receiving mysterious faxes from a proxy number, apparently giving clue to the wereabouts of the McDowells. He has been posting these as updates on Locate My Friends.
(larger versions of these images can be found here

The first fax that Jason received was an image:

with just three words "NOT OLD, SOAP"

This was a picture of some books, with what appeared to be a package taped to the shelf above. The volumes within, are large physics tomes, with a small circulation, and several libraries were found to contain the books including oxford and Dallas Public Library, however the words held the key "NOT OLD, SOAP" was decrypted to "YOUNG, DALLAS" (NOT OLD = Young and SOAP= Dallas) and the Dallas Public Library was found to be located on YOUNG street in DALLAS.
Zaranai was despatched and recovered a thumb drive, on which were 6 files with the extension .OPH and several images.
The images found on this drive can be found here
The .OPH files contain what looks like binary, the significance, relevance and decryption of which is still being discussed along with the images.
The entire contents of the thumb drive is here including the binary filled .OPH files (courtesy of Zaranai)

A second Fax was received by Jason, this time several images and more text:


(as with before larger versions of these images can be found here)

The text on the fax was thus:

“Around Great Britain, EAST and WEST are several bridges - the very best. Maidenhead, Saltash, Clifton too. For what you’re looking; Kingdom’s blue.”

There was also a number: PT2662U3B613.

and finally the phrase: Open Me (Drink Me)
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