The first time Dani is referenced is in a letter from R169 that was found in the P.O. sourcecode. When Dani responds to R169, it seems as if he is R169's boss or has some sort of authority over the recruits. R169 also refers to him after speaking to Punchline for the first time, saying he had to check with Dani before giving Punchline any information.

On Feb 12th at 12AM GMT a puzzle appeared (The Genesis Code) which seems to indicate that we are to contact Dani. After this when the site updated again to indicate that the email system was once again online, Shiningfist contacted adminsplatprojectophiuchus.com and managed to get Dani's email address


(Which had been successfully guessed earlier by Silverback)

Those who contacted Dani were later sent a message (Found here) about Phase 13.

Dani had been out of contact as both he and R169 had been in Spain helping the authorities with Participant 13's death.

This email was recieved from Dani by everyone who had been interacting with the Project Ophiuchus characters so far:

Dear Participants,

Please bear with me, there's a lot to explain and until now the whole
operation's been very secret. You'll understand that people are trying to
sabotage Project Ophiuchus, of which each phase concentrates on a particular
area, or healing point.

Phase 12 has now unfortunately been aborted, and I'm getting phase 13 ready as
we speak. Some of you may have heard about Participant 13. I can confirm that
he was killed whilst carrying out his duties for Phase 12. As you may have
guessed, I'm in Spain currently, attending to the situation, and helping the
authorities with their inquiries. I hope you'll appreciate that we've never
lost a participant, as our work is so groundbreaking and for the good of
humanity. It's upsetting to think that someone could do such a thing.

You may have been told that Phase 13 is the most important part of the project
and to some extent this is true. Each phase is modular, with Phase 13 being
the climax. I'm sure you're wondering what Phase 13 is, and I can tell you!
For this Phase, we're collating sets of co-ordinates, locations of miraculous
activity across the globe, and properties related to them. We've just secured
a huge grid of computers to process the data, to find patterns and work out
why and how they happen. Of course, this sounds a little far fetched, and I
can understand you may be a little apprehensive about the final phase, but I
can assure you that we have scientists and engineers from across the globe
working with us. In a few days time, you'll be able to log-in to the private
area, to analyse data yourself, and to confirm project results. This is a very
important part of the project, if the data isn't authorised, we can't find any

Phase 13 will take our belief of using knowledge to heal the world to a new
level, and hopefully there'll be no more disruptions like we've seen with
Phase 12.

Thanks for your continued support in this project. Your appointed
administrator for Phase 13 is Participant 170. They will be contacted soon
with more information. Sit tight. In a few days you'll be able to start
helping the world!

Please note: Recruits 143, 150 and 121 haven't responded to last night's
message. Please ensure they are informed of the situation.
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