Crossovers (or how I learned to stop worrying and locate my friends)

Up until very recently, and Project Ophiuchus were being treated as two entirely seperate ARGs, with no correlation between the too.

However after the updates on Project Ophiuchus slowed, several things began to happen.

1. posted a letter purportedly from the missing 'Rebecca' which featured two sets of numbers '091' and '2361'
These two numbers had earlier been mentioned in Project Ophiuchus by both the main site updates and Recruit 169 as an integeral part of phase 12. These are flight numbers for American Airline flights.

2. A mysterious number 13 was found by Jason in Rebecca's office, which turned out to be the Project Ophiuchus logo, verified by Jason.

3. The source of Project Ophiuchus' main site was updated to include the information that the 'missing participants' were "devoted to mars" and a maiden of beauty, modesty and kindness. Theses are the meanings of the names Martin and Rebecca. The main characters in locatemyfriends.

4. Dani Keller referenced two 'missing' participants in his group email, which were later indentified in the above site update.

5. Two USB sticks were found, apparently Martin and Rebeccas, the locale of which were cryptically faxed to Jason. (See Faxes, Books and USB drop offs for more information) On these were several files with the extensions .OPH, assumed to be a Ophiuchus reference and on one a 'to-do' list, which had as an item yet another Ophiuchus reference.

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