Contact With 169

After finding the letter from Dani to recruit 169, we quickly logged on to skype and found the right person. Sylvia was the first to talk to him and he asked her what her participant number was. When she couldn't provide him one, he said that all information he had was classified and that he couldn't share anything with her unless she was a fellow recruit.

Ncfriend and highwind767 chatted with him soon after and both made up their own participant numbers. Recruit 169 asked for passwords from both of them. Highwind767 (now known to 169 as recruit7) said he would speak to him tomorrow but that he couldn't find his password right then. Ncfriend, who had told 169 that his name was recruit149, gave him the word "colour" from the source code a few days earlier. Recruit169 said that "colour" was the password from the day before and said that he had to check with Dani to verify he could proceed because the security level had just been raised. Ncfriend said she understood and that she knew that the flight had departed (a nod toward a message that had appeared on the front page of the Project Ophiuchus site. Recruit 169 said it had just landed (at 7:41 local time, though he did not specify where "local" was) and that Ncfriend seemed to know what she was doing, so he felt comfortable giving her the following information:

dao yr 0v45v lapycjclabyo ap. yr jrbycbg. ,cyd yd.cp egyc.o gbycn brycuc.ev

He said that Ncfriend should contact him again before midnight GMT.

Punchline went a different route and told R196 that he was told he was recruit13 and that he most certainly wasn't dead. R196 seemed to be confused by this, but said that he knew that Recruit13 was dead and that "they killed him." R169 told Punchline that he would have to verify if he was authorized and after doing so, said that he wasn't on the list and asked if the other participants knew that he was there. R169 said that he was only allowed to give information to "the 10 participants on [his] list", and regardless of if Recruit13 was dead or not, he wasn't on the list anyway. Punchline asked if there was anything he should be doing, and Recruit169 directed him back to the moc.suhcihpotcejorp|nimda#liame lanigiro to be reassigned with a new recruit number, saying to forward the original email and to include the password "kepler." After doing so, Punchline was given the recruit number 170.

Later that evening, the code which both Ncfriend and elite.fencer received from talking to Recruit169 was deciphered by drizjr. The message had been typed using a Dvorak keyboard, and when typed normally gave us

has decreased to 0.45. participants are to continue with their duties until notified.

This was then added to the rest of the code to give us

Participants should be warned external forces are trying to compromise the integrity of project ophiuchus. Thankfully past attempts have been unsuccessful and our servers have managed to withstand multiple denial of service attacks. However, the predicted success of phase has decreased to 0.45. Participants are to continue with their duties until notified.

Roughly 30 minutes after this was discovered, the Project Ophiuchus website updated. The front page now read

Phase 12: Transfer Delayed.

Nothing more happened until the following day, when the main page once again changed to

Phase 12:2361 Landed

Recruit169 eventually came back on to Skype at 1:25pm GMT. After bluffing his way past the password, Highwind767 talked with Recruit169. A full log of this chat can be found Here. At the end of this chat an unknown user set off the security system early, causing Recruit169 to only allow Ncfriend to talk to him after this, as he had some information to give to him.

Later that evening Ncfriend talked to Recruit169 again (Chat log is found Here) and manage to get the information that Recruit169 had for him. The information in question were 2 flight numbers. The flight numbers were

AA 091 and AA 2361

The second flight's number matched the numer on the main site, and Rogi Ocnorb found that the day before it had been 157 minutes late which explains the "Transfer delayed" message the site had displayed the previous day.

Later that night at 12am GMT contact with Recruit169 has apparantly been stopped due to communications being cut off as both Recruit169's chat and Dani's letter have said. As of the moment nobody has contacted him, or vice-versa.

Site status changed to "email system reactivated"
NataS and Rekidk both sent emails. NataS received a reply.

Recruit 10,

Dani is awaiting your response. I believe he's going to send round a group
email today when he has information about Phase 13.



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