Colour Code (Part 2 of Continuing Code)
ff00d2 A O f600ff C C 00ffb4 I I 900077 M P 7a3f00 G T
000000 B R ff00d2 A O 4b006b J N 000000 B R 7c0000 N H
f600ff C C b400ff L M 7a3f00 G T ff00d2 A O
595751 D E 900077 M P 595751 D E 006a4a P J
ff8400 E S 000000 B R ff0000 K G 595751 D E
16fb16 F A ff00d2 A O 000000 B R f600ff C C
000000 B R b400ff L M 00ffb4 I I 7a3f00 G T
595751 D E 00ffb4 I I 7a3f00 G T ff00d2 A O
7a3f00 G T ff8400 E S 00b9de H Y 900077 M P
000000 B R 595751 D E ff00d2 A O 7c0000 N H
00b9de H Y 7a3f00 G T 393516 O F 00ffb4 I I
00ffb4 I I 7c0000 N H ffdc19 Q U
4b006b J N 595751 D E f600ff C C
ff0000 K G 7c0000 N H
7a3f00 G T ffdc19 Q U
ff00d2 A O ff8400 E S
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